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 Ticket to Wealth Game - $24.95

"In Affiliation with The Napoleon Hill Foundation"
Profits go to The Napoleon Hill Foundation in support of the mission
to make the world a better place in which to live.




Discover your Ticket to Wealth with 100 challenges based on Napoleon Hill's 17 Principles of Success. Players will learn, review, and apply the knowledge necessary to earn the wealth of happiness and prosperity. After much thought, these 100 challenges were composed for Ticket to Wealth which focuses on vital elements of Napoleon Hill's Success Philosophy. As you solve and study the challenges in Ticket to Wealth you will gain a more profound understanding of the philosophy of success. Every card provides a brief explanation to each answer from the array of challenges provided. Earn the most Positive Mental Attitude points to win the PMA Leadership Status among your family and friends. Why play Ticket to Wealth? Playing Ticket to Wealth within your relationships will help enhance a success conscious environment in a fun engaging approach. When you discover the Ticket to Wealth you will increase your right to be successful.


1 to 6 Players  -  Ages 14+

Challenges by Judith Williamson and Jeremy Rayzor

$24.95  ($29.95 Includes USA Shipping & Handling)