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"Distance Learning Mental Arithmetic Puzzle
Card Game Coaching Program"

Our distance learning math program helps build a student's self-confidence in mental math through solving puzzles with our "Spiral Math" puzzle card game. The program is given through sessions over Skype. While engaged in this fun activity the student will work one on one with a mental arithmetic coach that will help and encourage them throughout the program. This approach allows a student to improve his or her mental math ability in a fun relaxed setting. Our "Spiral Math" program is design for adolescent and adult students to receive immediate feedback and progress while completing beginner and advanced levels of "Spiral Math" puzzles. When a student develops his or her mental math ability they will be prepared to take on higher level math with a confidence that will stick with them throughout their life.

Spiral Math Program Overview 

Every student starts out with Mental Arithmetic Skill Grade-1. Each grade is completed consecutively before moving on to the next.  The student will solve Level 1 puzzles and progresses to Level 7 puzzles of each Mental Arithmetic Skill Grade. We coach mental arithmetic with the four basic math operations; Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division. There are 7 Mental Arithmetic Skill Grades of "Spiral Math" puzzles...

"Skill Grade-1 Addition"

"Skill Grade-2 Subtraction"

"Skill Grade-3 Addition & Subtraction"

"Skill Grade-4 Subtraction & Multiplication"

"Skill Grade-5 Addition & Division"

"Skill Grade-6 Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division"

"Skill Grade-7 Multiplication & Division"

Each grade consist of 7 difficulty levels, totaling 49 levels throughout the program.

Program Preparation

·         Internet Connection

·         Good lighted area for video Skype visibility

·         Quiet working area with minimal or no interruptions

·         For students that are under the age of 18 we suggest that they be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian near working area but not actively involved in the session. This will help facilitate any possible miss behavior and other possible issues. This will also allow the parent or guardian to follow along with the student’s progress.

·         Sessions can be given over video or voice calls on Skype… Video calls are recommended for visual association and instruction.

·         Our coaching program is not a tutoring program that assists with homework. We specifically work with basic and advanced mental arithmetic exercises for adolescent and adult students.

·         Upon purchasing your "Spiral Math Start-Up Kit" you must complete registration by emailing us at games@rayzorsharpent.com with contact and student information. Please include: Student Name(s), Age, Grade Level, Attends School or Home School, Parent and or Guardian Names (if under the age of 18), Skype ID, and Mailing Address.

·         To schedule a session you must pay the session fee before calling in to schedule a session. Sessions must be scheduled 24 hours before the session time.


To enroll in our program you must first purchase the "Spiral Math Start-Up Kit". This kit will be used throughout the entire program.

Spiral Math Coaching Schedule
Call (406) 924-6527 to book a session, first come first serve!
(You must have the Start-Up Kit to book a session.)
From 8:00AM to 7:00PM
Coaching sessions start on the hour
From 8:00AM to 7:00PM
Coaching sessions start on the hour
From 8:00AM to 7:00PM
Coaching sessions start on the hour
From 8:00AM to 7:00PM
Coaching sessions start on the hour
From 8:00AM to 7:00PM
Coaching Sessions start on the hour

If you have any questions about our mental arithmetic coaching program please give us a call at (219) 789-8490 and we will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Mathematics of Success

“Begin with a dream, DIVIDE the problems and conquer them one by one. MULTIPLY the exciting possibilities and goals in your mind. SUBTRACT all negative thoughts. ADD enthusiasm followed with action. Your answer will EQUAL the attainment of the SUM of your goals.” – PMA Science of Success Course by The Napoleon Hill Foundation

Spiral Math Start-Up Kit


Spiral Math Session Fee

Session Package

Duration... 45min. Per Session

Single Session... $35.00

2 Consecutive Week Package… $190.00… 45% Savings at $19.00 per session. One session per day for the next 10 weekdays. Sessions do not carry over if not used.

4 Consecutive Week Package… $280.00… 60% Savings at $14.00 per session. One session per day for the next 20 weekdays. Sessions do not carry over if not used.


Print our “Distance Learning Mental Arithmetic Coaching Program” flier from the Bozeman Public Schools Community Connections website by clicking the image below.